Welcome to the Agrorithm Project Web Platform! Our platform serves as an open-access architecture housing a plethora of educational materials and project results in the form of online modules. It’s not just a repository; it’s a dynamic space designed to showcase the burgeoning agritourism business initiatives led by the young individuals engaged in the local activity phase of our project.

Through this platform, we aim to provide visibility to these initiatives while also offering valuable educational and informational opportunities to our users. Partnerships with various stakeholders ensure that our platform is widely promoted through both online and offline channels, maximizing its reach and impact. Join us on this journey of exploration, learning, and innovation in agritourism!

At the bottom of this page you will find a link to the quiz to test what you have learnt in this course. Once you have passed that quiz, with at least 80% of the questions correctly answered, you can continue to the next slide, where you will be able to download your certificate of completion for the Agrorithm E-Learning course!