About project

AgroRithm” aims to develop a concrete share of good practices about Agritourism in order to sustain youth employability, environmental progress and social inclusion for the disadvantaged rural communities in Europe and Western Balkans. All by defining the issues that the rural communities face and targeting the solution core as enhancing the networks and capacities of local and national stakeholders which are involved in sustainable agritourism.

Logo of the Project

This project is co – financed by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union. Project partners are:

   Applicant Organization:


   Participant Organizations:


3.  NGO NEST BERLIN EV   –  Germany


Project objectives:

  • AgroRithm aims to enhance the capacity of local NGOs from a rural background through NFE methods and promote E+ program as a tool for empowerment.
  • To focus on inclusion of youngsters and adults with fewer opportunities.
  • To create a local and international platform where direct and/or indirect beneficiaries can be more involved and benefits from the implemented activities.
  • Promoting/supporting the development of youth awareness and capacities in the frame of agritourism emerges from both its potential as a driver of youth employability.
  • Raise awareness about agritourism connection with the socially oriented dimension of environmental sustainability as a tool of youth agency in the protection of a shared local heritage within local communities.

Project activities:

•TC Rural Tourism

   [The main topic will be how to raise awareness about Agritourism using non formal education, locally and nationally spreading the skills and ideas guidance about business with agritourism for local rural youth and supporting them].

•TC My Green Path

   The event will be dedicated to enhance skills and assist the youth from rural background with knowledge to further sustain the businesses with agriculture and tourism combined in addition raising the awareness about the sustainability of environment in order to get, keep and grow the agri-business.

•Local Activity for participants – Local Activity [Conference]

   All partners locally will implement a phase as a conference for disadvantaged groups and rural youth educational and ideational activities with rural young people aimed at conveying knowledge, skills and instruments of sustainable rural business as well as supporting young people in the development of concrete rural business initiatives. The outcomes of the local activity phase will form part of a specific “Agritourism as a tool for evolvement” Manual, which will integrate the contents and outcomes produced throughout project activities.

•Local Stakeholders Conference Local Activity – [Conference]

   All partners locally will hold this conference for local stakeholders and interest groups to show case project results and support the cause of the project by assisting the youth concerned in their ideas of business in the Agri sector through counselling, promotion, networking and crowd-funding.

•Final Evaluation Meeting-[Meeting]

   Final step in the project is the evaluation of the process and assess how successfully it was in order to seek the continuation through including more NGOs and beneficiaries and widen the range for participants for better out reach in the sector of Agritourism entrepreneurship and stakeholders.